Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Candice: I plan on dying in the middle of a hobby.

Honestly I never know what is going to fly out of my mouth next.

Me: I want to re-learn French.

The World: Okay. Maybe a bit impractical in Texas where a significant chunk of the population speaks Spanish but hey, what's the harm?

Me: And I want to take up figure skating.

The World: What an... unusual hobby for an adult to take up. But you know what, whatever gets you excited about physical fitness is great.

Me: I'd also like to take up pickling. I could TOTALLY be sitting on some sweet and spicy refrigerator pickles right about now...

The World: Wait, what? Pickling? Didn't you just mention learning French and figure skating?

Me: Yeah, but the point is, I'd like to go to more wine tastings.

The World: Wine tastings? When are you going to fit in more wine tastings? Is there a special 3am wine tasting for manic/depressives and security guards that just got off the clock?

Me: It's just I'm able to recognize flavors now, but I can't remember their names. That's it. French, figure skating, pickling, and wine.

The World: I mean I guess that reasonable... with some careful scheduling.

Me: And the tango.

The World: Pardon?

Me: I'd like to be able to dance the tango.

The World: Since when?

Me: Since five minutes ago when I this old couple totally rocking it to Otoño Porteño.

The World: Yeah, okay. But just because you see someone do something doesn't mean you-

Me: I also have a blog. You should check it out.

The World: All right. That's nice. I'm just gonna- I'm gonna go stand over here now.

Me (shouting after them): I make hats in my spare time! Would you like me to make you one!!

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  1. ...I want to learn how to tango. I went to an open house for a dance studio years ago and basically got to sign up for 15 minute intro classes for a million different types of dance and tango was the best. "Up and to the left!" Hee.

    Also, MORE HOBBIES! I am a bad person to point out the ridiculousness of having a million hobbies to. Everyone should have a million hobbies, it's just weird if they don't.