Monday, September 13, 2010

Kate: Punished for Arrogance

We have started our fourth round of skating classes. I've been practicing three-turns like mad, ready to show off my skills to our teacher, Miss Jen. At the same I was also trying mohawks, which are two foot turns on the same edge that continues along the same lobe, but I need a lot more help with those. I did finally master three-turns on both feet, but mohawks remained elusive. I not only managed to complete the turn, I even held the backwards edge!

This very exciting for two reasons - 1) I have detailed why I have trouble with backwards edges on this blog, so actually holding one was awesome and 2) I broke my left foot in May of '09 and to this day I have problems with pain. Getting ol' Lefty to do something correctly was awesome!

So. We get to class. We had a new teacher who we had met once before, when she subbed in our class months ago. This was a bummer because she doesn't really know us or how far we had come, but she's really nice and a good teacher, so whatever. THEN. My three turns ended up being heinous. Awful. THE WORST. I could not freaking get them. Everything else I tried, I blew at, including spins as well. So sad!

And THEN. In the last minute of class I decided "Fuck it. I'm gonna do a mohawk." You know, the element I can't quite seem to get the hang of? Ever. I did the turn, I went straight down onto the ice onto my left hip. Did I mention the eight year olds shooting around us clamoring for their class? They were right there to see my collapse. Luckily, it wasn't even a quarter as bad as my nasty fall a few weeks ago. It was just embarrassing.

So! I got cranky, and then I got cocky, and I was punished for arrogance. The end, a story by Kate.


  1. Oh hubris. Though the gods showing you what for in front of eight year olds is particularly cruel even for them.

    But yay! three turns.

  2. It's been over 7 I was thnking about forming another punk band. Thought about calling it "the arrogance of kate" so I googled to make sure nobody else is as random as me. Found this your line, "In the last minute of class I decided Fuck it. I'm gonna do a mohawk."...thought you were talking about your hair...thanks for the laugh.