Monday, June 14, 2010

Kate: Let Us Live Feeding on Joy

Since I started figure skating, I've encountered several common reactions - everyone says something, but it generally boils down to one of three comments: 1. "Figure skating? That is SO AWESOME. Tell me more." 2. "Figure Texas? Why?" 3. "Figure your twenties? Why?"

I never get tired of going skating. It has helped me focus in so many areas of my life. I hate going to the gym, but it's easier to make myself do it because I know that if I can can strengthen my legs and my core, my skating will improve. I've had a lot of trouble with eating right, but now it's easier because I see how much healthier and better I feel on the ice when my body is properly nourished. I've had a lot of difficulties with my emotions over the last nine months and when I get on the ice, it all just falls away. I am literally filled with joy. I will skate as fast as I can and put my arms up so I can feel like I'm flying.

Every time I master a new element, I am proud of myself. I want to work hard and improve and maybe start passing test levels. I keep finding reasons to go skating more often. Candice and I talk non-stop about skating and ways to shoehorn more skating into our very busy lives. I just figured out that I won't get to skate at all next weekend because I'm going out of town and that actually made me pause and think about whether or not I really NEED to see my family. (the answer: yes I do). I have never found any other form of exercise that made me feel this way. I will literally push myself until my legs are shaking. Last weekend I fell because I was practicing outside edges and my legs were tired and I just completely beefed it and slid across the ice. And then I got back up and skated for another twenty minutes before finally giving in and going home.

It's so great to know that the minute I step on the ice, I'm going to feel good. I have walked into the rink with a thundercloud practically following me around, I was so cranky, and within thirty seconds of putting on my skates and getting on the ice I was smiling and laughing. So, when people ask me "Why?" I tell them "Because it makes me happy." And that's enough for me.

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